The Fort Scott Municipal Airport is situated on approximately 245 acres and located four miles southwest of Fort Scott. The Airport was initially developed during the 1940s. In 1980, the Airport's main runway was widened and extended to 4,400 feet. The Airport is a public owned, public use facility that is owned and operated by the City of Fort Scott.

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Services offered include:
  • Airfield maintenance
  • Courtesy transportation
  • Fuel
  • Lease agreements
  • Pilot supplies
  • Tie-down

Rental Cars

Customers can call two places for cars. One is Briggs in Fort Scott. The contact person is Carol Lydic. She can be reached at 620-223-0900 or her direct line is 620-644-3423. You can also email Briggs or visit their website.

The other choice is Enterprise in Pittsburg, KS. They can be reached at 620-231-2200.

Courtesy Vehicle at the Airport

To find out more about the courtesy vehicle, please call the Airport at 620-223-5490 or 620-224-6688.

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