Utility Billing Division

The Utility Billing division is responsible for the City's water, wastewater and storm water utility bills. Utility Clerks are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday to answer questions regarding your bill, accept payments, or assist in requests of utility connections or disconnections.

Initiating or Terminating Service

Utility service can be initiated or terminated in the Utility Office at 123 S. Main Street or by calling 620-223-8133. When water service is connected, a responsible person needs to be present at the location receiving service to ensure that no water damage occurs as a result of faucets that have been inadvertently left on or unknown leaks are present.

When disconnecting utility service, customers need to supply a forwarding address which can be done by calling 620-223-8133. The final bill, or deposit refund, will be sent to such address.

Pay Online

You may now quickly and securely pay your water bill online. You can also use this new system to pay municipal court fees.

You may also pay by phone by calling 1-833-269-5988.
Online Bill Pay - Paying your bill is quick, easy, and only a click away!