Water / Wastewater

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How would the quality of life in our community be affected if clean water and sanitation went away? The City of Fort Scott Water Utility works hard to provide quality drinking water and excellent sanitation services for our community and beyond.
Kid Drinking Ground Water
Our services literally touch nearly every person in Bourbon County every day, year after year. The services we offer are of paramount importance for quality of life. We are proud to serve you.
  1. Consumer Confidence Report

    In a continual effort to keep our citizens apprised of water quality, we annually provide a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).

  2. Wastewater Treatment & Collections

    The Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set minimum standards that treated wastewater and land applied solids must meet.

  3. Water Treatment & Distribution

    The Fort Scott treated water is of excellent quality that meets and exceeds all state and federal standards, which grow ever growing more stringent.