Boards & Commissions

  1. Airport Advisory Board

    Learn about the Airport Advisory Board in Fort Scott.

  2. City Commission

    The City Commission consists of a Mayor, President of the Commission, and three City Commissioners.

  3. Design Review Board

    View information about the Design Review Board.

  4. Electrical Board

    Learn about the Fort Scott Electrical Board.

  5. Fort Scott Housing Authority

    Find information on the Fort Scott Housing Authority.

  6. Golf Course Advisory Board

    The function of the Golf Course Advisory Board is to advise the City Commission in all matters referred to them regarding the Woodland Hills Golf Course.

  7. Planning Commission

    The function of the Planning Commission is to review and adopt (as well as update) the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Fort Scott, to establish zoning districts and allowable uses, to review zoning regulations within the City, and to review requests for special permits or conditional uses within certain zoning districts in the City.

  8. Plumbing Board

    Learn about the Fort Scott Plumbing Board.

  9. Zoning Appeals

    The function of the Board of Zoning Appeals is to review requests for variances in zoning ordinance such as building setback requirements, building sizes, and more.