Mission Statement

As elected and appointed representatives of the citizens of Fort Scott, we are charged with the responsibility of planning and guiding the City into the future. We are held responsible, by our constituents, for decisions made which affect the present and future operation and well-being of our community....We are providers of public welfare, safety and protection....We are responsible for preserving, the past.... Addressing the present....And planning for the future of our Community.


It is our responsibility, as elected officials, officers and employees of the City, to maintain and enhance the health, safety and welfare of all Fort Scott Citizens. We do this through the following actions.

1. PROVIDING services in the most efficient manner.
2. PRESERVING and PROTECTING our current assets.
3. PLANNING for the future.
4. PERFORMING in a courteous, respectful and caring manner towards all Citizens while delivering all services in the most professional and cost effective manner possible.

Adopted by the Fort Scott City Commission on
the 21st Day of December, 1993.