Gunn Park

Gunn Park

1010 Park Avenue - 155 acres of beautifully wooded terrain with many recreational activities for the entire family.

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Looking back in time….

  • June 3, 1910 – W.C. Gunn gives Fern Lake and the Stewart Farm to the City of Fort Scott for a park.
  • The first shelter house of stone was built in 1910 on the first lake (Fern Lake)
  • There was a large wood theater building on the other side of Fern Lake with a seating capacity of 800. During special events such as July 4th, the street cars would take as many as 10,000 people to the park in one day.

Shelter Houses:

  • 7 shelter houses with 4 enclosed shelters and 3 open shelters. The enclosed shelters have electricity and water.
  • All the shelters have an outside grill for cooking.
  • The cost for reserving the shelters is as follows:  Shelters #1 and #4 - $15.00; Shelters #2 and #6 - $20.00 and Shelters #5 and #7 - $25.00. Shelters #1 and #4 are open shelters.  Contact City Hall at 620-223-0550 for reservations.

Camping Sites:

  • There are 14 camping sites with electricity and water.
  • The charge is $10.00 per night.


  • Two fishing lakes available
  • From October 15th to April 15th, Fern Lake is stocked with trout.
  • A Kansas fishing license and a trout license is required.


  • There are several playground areas located throughout the park with updated equipment.
  • There are picnic areas located throughout the park also.

Disc Golf:

In 1999, a nine hole Frisbee golf course was added through a joint effort of the City of Fort Scott and the Kiwanis Club of Fort Scott. It was recently made an 18 hole course.