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Bid Title: REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS - 2023 Cape Seal Program
Category: Request for Proposals
Status: Open


Request for Proposals - 2023 Cape Seal Program

 The City of Fort Scott (City) is taking proposals for the 2023 Cape Seal Program. The city is referring to “Cape Seal” as to the process of traditions chip and seal with a fog coat finish over the chip seal application. 

General Information: The City will prep and level the listed streets as much as applicable. The Contractor will be responsible for preparing the street with good adhesion (i.e., power brooming, ect.) for the cape seal and the cape seal application process. 

All chip seal (Cape Seal) work completed in Fort Scott, Kansas is to be completed to the standards of the “Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) 2014 Chip Seal Manual”. 

 The RFP is requested as a lump sum per square yard price.

 Street                        From/To                         Surface            Length             Width              Sq. Ft.             Sq. Yd

23rd                  Horton to Liberty Bell            Asphalt            3775’               26’                   98150              10906

Liberty Bell     23rd to Jayhawk                       Asphalt            2810’               28’                   76680              8521

East National  Main St. to Cemetery  *          Asphalt            3360’               35’                   117600            13068

Wall                 69 Hwy to Scott Ave.             Asphalt            510’                 50’                   25500              2834

Shephard         8th to 10th                                 Asphalt            1150’               27’                   31050              3451

Margrave         Wall to 6th /3rd Street Inter.     Asphalt            2200’               30’                   66000              7334

2nd                   Lowman to Heylman              Asphalt            1365’               26’                   35490              3944

12th                  Crawford to Clark/Main Inter Asphalt            2270’               31’                   70370              7819

Clark               10th to 12th                               Asphalt            965’                 32’                   30880              3432            

10th                  Clark to Margrave                   Asphalt            690’                 23’                   15870              1764

Steen               Wall to Charles                       Asphalt            2830’               20’                   56600              6289

Franklin           Wall to Parkinson                   Asphalt            4035’               24’                   96840              10760

Charles            Broadway to City Limits        Asphalt            3550’               23’                   81650              9073

Crawford        10th to 12th                              Asphalt            815’                 38’                   30970              3442

Sunset Drive   Horton to National                  Asphalt            1340’               34’                   45560              5063

Van Fossen     Wall to Pine                            Asphalt            697’                 18’                   12546              1394

Total                                                                                                                                        891,756’            99,094’

 (*) Denotes to add Tomahawk Lane


 Instructions to Bidders:

 Preparation of Bid: The bid shall be made on company letterhead and include any language that is pertinent to the project.

 Examination of Bid Documents: The Bid Document consists of this Request for Bids, each document listed on the table of contents of the Request for Bid, and any addenda which may be issued. Submission of a bid shall constitute bidder’s acknowledgement upon which the city may rely that bidder has thoroughly examined and is familiar with the Bid Documents. No claim for additional compensation will be allowed beyond that stated in the bidder’s submitted Bid Form. Neglect or failure of the bidder to receive or examine all or part of the Bid Document shall in no way relieve the bidder from any obligation with respect to this bid. 

 Conformance to Bid Requirements: All requested attachments shall be submitted with the completed bid form and in the designated format. Bids shall conform to the requirements of the Request of Bid. Failure to comply with all requirements of this Request of Bid may result in bid rejection.

 Interpretation of Bid Documents and Addenda: Should a bidder discover conflicts or ambiguity in the Bid Documents that require a decision or explanation, bidder may request an interpretation. Such a request shall be made in writing and delivered to the buyer identified on the cover page of this Request for Bid no later than five (5) calendar days before the deadline for receipt of bids. Every interpretation made to bidders will be in the form of an Addendum issued by the City. Addenda, if issued, will be sent as promptly as possible to all parties that have been issued Bid Documents. 

 Modification or Withdrawal of Bids: Bids may be modified or withdrawn prior to the bid submission deadline. Bids modified must be retrieved by bidder, and bidder’s expense, and resubmitted with corrected information prior to the bid submission deadline. 

 Late Bids: Bidder shall be responsible for the timely delivery of bid. Bids received after the deadline for receipt of bids shall not be accepted and shall be returned to the bidder unopened unless necessary for identification purposes. 

 Bid to Remain Open: The bidder shall guarantee its bid for a period of ninety (90) calendar days from the date of the bid opening. 

 Reservations: The City reserves the right to:

  1. Postpone the date and time announced for receipt of bids by issuance of an Addendum at any time prior to the deadline for receipt of bids. 
  2. Reject any bid that is conditional in any way or that contains erasures, items not called for, items not in conformity with applicable law, changes, additions, alternate proposals, or any other modifications of the Bid Form which are not in accordance with the Bid Documents. 
  3. Make any investigations deemed necessary to determine if a bidder is responsive and responsible. 
  4. In the event that only one bid is received in response to this bid invitation, require the sole bidder, to submit cost or pricing date to assist in determining if the price is reasonable. 
  5. Reject any of all bids including any bids that are found to be non-responsive or submitted by a bidder that is not responsible. 
  6. Waive minor defects or irregularities in any bid, provided that the discrepancy does not affect the bid amount or give the bidder an advantage over others. 
  7. Accept a bid which offers a newer product that specified if, in the opinion of the buyer identified on the cover page of this bid invitation, it offers equal or greater functionality than the specified product, even though it may not comply with the bid specifications in every detail. 


 Purpose: 2023 Cape Seal Project, City of Fort Scott, Kansas

 Successful applicants will be required to provide certificates of a minimum of $500,000 in commercial liability insurance, provide proof of Workers Compensation coverage or sign a waiver.

 Submit sealed bid proposals in writing no later than 5:00 P.M. Friday March 31st, 2023 to Lisa Lewis, City Clerk, 123 S. Main Street, Fort Scott, Kansas, 66701. 

Publication Date/Time:
2/15/2023 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
3/31/2023 5:00 PM

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